DK Mok is a fantasy and science fiction author whose novels include Squid's Grief, Hunt for Valamon and The Other Tree. DK has been shortlisted for three Aurealis Awards, a Ditmar, and a Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award.


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Squid's Grief
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When car-hacker Squid rescues a cheerful amnesiac from the trunk of a stolen car, her decision to help him recover his memory sets her on a collision course with the enigmatic crime lords who rule Baltus City. More details...


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15 Nov 2016

DK's award-nominated, fantasy short story 'Almost Days' is currently featured on PodCastle as a part of their Aurealis Month showcase!

The story is read by Graeme Dunlop, and the podcast includes a lovely introduction by the inimitable, World Fantasy Award-winning author Margo Lanagan.

Check out PodCastle's website for more fantastical episodes, and you can also subscribe or donate to support their wonderful work.

Find the podcast version of Almost Days here.


1 Aug 2016

DK was recently interviewed by the lovely Katharine Stubbs as part of the 2016 Australian Speculative Fiction Snapshot. DK talks about stylised noir, singing bones, and the legacy of Sir Terry Pratchett.

Read the full interview here.


10 June 2016

Squid's Grief received a fantastic review from Matthew Summers at Smash Dragons!

"If you love cyberpunk fiction you will adore this book. If you enjoy noir stories with shifting allegiances and twists you will adore this story. Frankly, if you love good fiction you will find something in this exciting tale. A scintillating cyberpunk tale with impressive elements of noir fiction and action thrillers."

Read the full review here.


4 June 2016

Squid's Grief received a great review from Nebula Books.

"Squid’s Grief is thoughtfully written; fast-paced with excellent action and consistent humor throughout. Both heroes and villains alike are three dimensional characters full of regret and desire; they are well written, likable characters who all walk in that moral grey zone."

Read the full review here.


18 Apr 2016

In exciting news, Hunt for Valamon has received a BookGateway Booky Award for Best Fantasy Novel!

Check out the full list of recipients here.


12 Apr 2016

Squid's Grief received a great review from Natalie Bolderston at Ellipsis Magazine.

"Snappy humour, a compelling protagonist, and well-timed action. Squid’s Grief shows us exactly what successful ‘cyberpunk’ looks like."

Check out the full review here.



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