DK Mok is a fantasy and science fiction author whose novels include Squid's Grief, Hunt for Valamon and The Other Tree. DK has been shortlisted for four Aurealis Awards, two Ditmars, and a Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award.


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Squid's Grief
A Novel

Aurealis Award-Nominated for Best Science Fiction Novel

Ditmar Award-Nominated for Best Novel

When car-hacker Squid rescues a cheerful amnesiac from the trunk of a stolen car, her decision to help him recover his memory sets her on a collision course with the enigmatic crime lords who rule Baltus City. More details...


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22 September 2017

DK was recently interviewed as part of the Ecopunk! authors mini-interview series. DK talks about airships, activism, camel libraries, biblioburros and the inspiration behind 'The Wandering Library'.

Read the full interview here.


20 September 2017

The Year's Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2015 is now available in ebook format. This anthology of 31 acclaimed short stories includes DK's Aurealis Award-nominated story 'Almost Days'.

Ebook available in:
Epub (Smashwords)

Paperback and hard cover versions are also available.

Cover The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror 2015


19 August 2017

The cover of upcoming anthology Ecopunk! has been revealed!

Ecopunk Cover

This anthology of optimistic tales set in radical futures includes DK's short story 'The Wandering Library'.

Ecopunk! will be released by Ticonderoga Publications in October 2017.

Find the full table of contents here.


22 June 2017

The Year's Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2015 is out now in hardback and paperback! This volume contains 31 acclaimed short stories, including DK's Aurealis Award-nominated fantasy story 'Almost Days'.

Available at Amazon and Indie Books Online.

Cover The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror 2015


9 April 2017

The 2017 Ditmar Awards preliminary ballot has been announced, and Squid's Grief has been shortlisted for Best Novel!

"It's an incredible honour to be on the ballot alongside so many extraordinary and celebrated authors. I'm humbled to be in such excellent company, and I'm thrilled to see Australian speculative fiction going from strength to strength. Congratulations to everyone on the ballot!" - DK

See the full Ditmar ballot here.


3 April 2017

DK's new sci-fi short story, 'The Wandering Library', will be included in Ticonderoga Publications' upcoming Ecopunk anthology! Award-winning editors Liz Grzyb and Cat Sparks have selected 19 speculative tales of radical, optimistic futures showing a world transformed by climate change.

Table of Contents

Adam Browne, “The Radiolarian Violin"
Matthew Chrulew, “Future Perfect”
Emilie Collyer, “From the Dark”
Jason Fischer, “Milk and Honey”
Tom Guerney, “The Mangrove Maker”
Claire McKenna, “Mr. Mycelium”
R. Jean Mathieu, “The City Sunk, the City Risen”
D.K. Mok, “The Wandering Library”
Jason Nahrung, “The Today Home”
Ian Nichols, “First Flight”
Shauna O'Meara, “Island Green”
Rivqa Rafael, “Trivalent”
Jane Rawson, “The Right Side of History”
Jane Routley, “The Scent of Betrayal”
Andrew Sullivan, “The Butterfly Whisperer”
Janeen Webb, “Monkey Business”
Corey White, “Happy Hunting Ground”
Tess Williams, “Broad Church”
Marian Womack, “Pink Footed”

The anthology will be released in 2017.

Find Ticonderoga's announcement here.


20 Feb 2017

The Aurealis Awards finalists have been announced, and Squid's Grief has been shortlisted for Best Science Fiction Novel!

"I'm honoured and thrilled to be in such incredible company. It's always impressive to see the amazing scope and diversity of voices in Australian spec fic. Congratulations to all the finalists." - DK

See the full list of finalists here.


16 Jan 2017

DK's Aurealis Award-shortlisted story 'Almost Days' will be featured in Ticonderoga Publication's upcoming anthology, The Year's Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2015!

Cover The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror 2015

This volume will include stories by award-winning authors such as Garth Nix, Joanne Anderton, Angela Slatter and Cat Sparks.

Table of Contents

Joanne Anderton, “2B”
Alan Baxter, “The Chart of the Vagrant Mariner”
Deborah Biancotti, “Look How Cold My Hands Are”
Stephen Dedman, “Oh, Have You Seen The Devil”
Erol Engin, “The Events at Callan Park”
Jason Fischer, “The Dog Pit”
Dirk Flinthart, “In the Blood”
Kimberley Gaal, “In Sheep's Clothing”
Stephanie Gunn, “The Flowers That Bloom Where Blood Touches Earth”
Lisa Hannett, “Consorting With Filth”
Robert Hood, “Double Speak”
Kathleen Jennings, “A Hedge of Yellow Roses”
Maree Kimberley, “Ninehearts”
Jay Kristoff, “Sleepless”
Martin Livings, “El Caballo Muerte”
Danny Lovecraft, “Reminiscences of Herbert West”
Kirstyn McDermott, “Self, Contained”
Sally McLennan, “Mr Schmidt's Dead Pet Emporium”
DK Mok, “Almost Days”
Faith Mudge, “Blueblood”
Samantha Murray, “Half Past”
Jason Nahrung, “Night Blooming”
Garth Nix, “The Company of Women”
Anthony Panegyres, “Lady Killer”
Rivqa Rafael, “Beyond the Factory Wall”
Deborah Sheldon, “Perfect Little Stitches”
Angela Slatter, “Bluebeard's Daughter”
Cat Sparks, “Dragon Girl”
Lucy Sussex, “Angelito”
Anna Tambour, “Tap”
Kaaron Warren, “Mine Intercom”

The anthology will be released in ebook, paperback and hardcover in April 2017.

You can now pre-order the paperback and hardcover versions at Indie Books Online.


2 Jan 2017

Squid's Grief made it onto Liz Grzyb's Top Ten Reads of 2016!

Liz Grzyb is a partner and editor at Ticonderoga Publications, the award-winning publishing house behind anthologies such as The Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror series, Bloodlines and Hear Me Roar.

Find the full Top Ten list here.


15 Nov 2016

DK's award-nominated, fantasy short story 'Almost Days' is currently featured on PodCastle as a part of their Aurealis Month showcase!

The story is read by Graeme Dunlop, and the podcast includes a lovely introduction by the inimitable, World Fantasy Award-winning author Margo Lanagan.

Check out PodCastle's website for more fantastical episodes, and you can also subscribe or donate to support their wonderful work.

Find the podcast version of Almost Days here.


1 Aug 2016

DK was recently interviewed by the lovely Katharine Stubbs as part of the 2016 Australian Speculative Fiction Snapshot. DK talks about stylised noir, singing bones, and the legacy of Sir Terry Pratchett.

Read the full interview here.


10 June 2016

Squid's Grief received a fantastic review from Matthew Summers at Smash Dragons!

"If you love cyberpunk fiction you will adore this book. If you enjoy noir stories with shifting allegiances and twists you will adore this story. Frankly, if you love good fiction you will find something in this exciting tale. A scintillating cyberpunk tale with impressive elements of noir fiction and action thrillers."

Read the full review here.


4 June 2016

Squid's Grief received a great review from Nebula Books.

"Squid’s Grief is thoughtfully written; fast-paced with excellent action and consistent humor throughout. Both heroes and villains alike are three dimensional characters full of regret and desire; they are well written, likable characters who all walk in that moral grey zone."

Read the full review here.


18 Apr 2016

In exciting news, Hunt for Valamon has received a BookGateway Booky Award for Best Fantasy Novel!

Check out the full list of recipients here.


12 Apr 2016

Squid's Grief received a great review from Natalie Bolderston at Ellipsis Magazine.

"Snappy humour, a compelling protagonist, and well-timed action. Squid’s Grief shows us exactly what successful ‘cyberpunk’ looks like."

Check out the full review here.



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