Short Story: The Heart of the Labyrinth



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Aurealis Award Shortlisted for Best Young Adult Short Story


The Heart of the Labyrinth
Fantasy Adventure

In the heart of the Labyrinth of Varissen, there dwells a beast known only as the Devourer. However, the Devourer is sick of eating adventurers, and he suspects that once, long ago, he bore another name. So when a young woman arrives, declaring that she’s here to rescue him, the Devourer persuades her to join him on a search for his forgotten past.



"A wonderful foray into the fantastic. Unusual, unpredictable and highly entertaining."

- The Student Review


"Simply incredible. How DK Mok crammed AN ENTIRE FANTASY NOVEL into a short story is mindblowing. It doesn’t just talk about memory, but about overthrowing tyrants, making peace with your past, and did I mention an epic journey throughout the land?"

- Ink to Screen


"The Heart of the Labyrinth by DK Mok is a definite recommendation as the creatures that Mok has created will fuel your imagination and inspire your empathy."

- Ellipsis


"DK Mok's 'The Heart of the Labyrinth' offers the kind of stealth philosophy, cloaked in the tropes of fantasy and mythology, of which Sir Pterry would have been proud."

- Wossname, Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion




First published in In Memory: A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett.