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Aurealis Award Shortlisted for Best Science Fiction Novel

Ditmar Award Shortlisted for Best Novel


Squid's Grief

In the seething metropolis of Baltus City, car-hacker Squid is desperate for a fresh start. She dreams of a normal life and a respectable job, where retirement comes with a pension plan, not an exit wound. Determined to break free from the criminal syndicate that commands her, she agrees to one last heist. But when she rescues a cheerful amnesiac from the trunk of a stolen car, her decision to help him sends her own plans into a tailspin.

Squid and the amnesiac—soon nicknamed Grief—rapidly find themselves caught between warring criminal factions, shadowy vigilantes, and Squid’s own hopes for a better future.

As she investigates deeper into the mystery of Grief’s true identity, Squid begins to uncover a past darker than her own, setting her on a collision course with the enigmatic crime lords who rule Baltus City.



"There is so much to love about this book. Squid and Grief are both amazing characters in their own right, and Baltus City feels like a living, breathing place. There’s an almost cinematic vividness to the settings and people in the book, to the point where I could easily see this story translating to the screen. This is Mok’s third novel, continuing a diverse career. If you’ve never read her work before, and are a fan of cyberpunk flavoured settings with a good dash of humanity and humour, this is a great place to start."

- The Forest of Books


"A scintillating cyberpunk tale with impressive elements of noir fiction and action thrillers. If you love cyberpunk fiction you will adore this book. If you enjoy noir stories with shifting allegiances and twists you will adore this story. Frankly, if you love good fiction you will find something in this exciting tale."

- Smash Dragons


"A fast-paced and intense, yet thoughtful, tale which expertly balances wry humour and gravity. The end result is imaginative, dark, intelligent and refreshing.”

– Mitchell Hogan, Aurealis Award-winning author of the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence


"Snappy humour, a compelling protagonist, and well-timed action. Squid’s Grief shows us exactly what successful ‘cyberpunk’ looks like."

- Ellipsis Magazine


"Squid’s Grief is thoughtfully written; fast-paced with excellent action and consistent humor throughout. Both heroes and villains alike are three dimensional characters full of regret and desire; they are well written, likable characters who all walk in that moral grey zone."

- Nebula Books


"This is a fantastic novel full of fast-paced action. If you like the movie Blade Runner, dystopians, and character-driven novels, you should absolutely pick this up."

- The Drifting Paige


"An action packed, cyberpunk tour de force."

– Ray Nicholsons Reviews


"Suffice it to say, there are awesome heists. Read this book."

- The Student Review




ISBN (Paperback): 9780994431509
ISBN (Ebook): 9780994431516