DK's novels include the Aurealis Award-nominated Squid's Grief, the BookGateway Booky Award-winning Hunt for Valamon, and adventure mystery The Other Tree. DK's short stories have been nominated for multiple Aurealis Awards, appearing in anthologies from Twelfth Planet Press, FableCroft Publishing, Ticonderoga Publications, World Weaver Press, and Owl Hollow Press.

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Squid's Grief Cover

Squid's Grief

Aurealis Award Shortlisted for Best Science Fiction Novel

Ditmar Award Shortlisted for Best Novel

When car-hacker Squid rescues a cheerful amnesiac from the trunk of a stolen car, her decision to help him recover his memory sets her on a collision course with the enigmatic crime lords who rule Baltus City.

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Hunt for Valamon Cover

Hunt for Valamon
Epic Fantasy
Spence City

Winner of the BookGateway Booky Award for Best Fantasy Novel

When Prince Valamon is mysteriously abducted, reclusive cleric Seris is charged with his rescue. Leaving behind his cheerfully book-infested temple, he must venture into the wild, unconquered lands, and uncover the truth behind the vanished prince before simmering tensions in the empire erupt into war.

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The Other Tree Cover

The Other Tree
Spence City

Family. Truth. Immortality.
Choose one.

When outcast botanist Chris Arlin learns that her father has an incurable illness, she recruits sardonic campus priest Luke, and embarks on a desperate, wondrous quest to find the legendary Tree of Life.

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Short Stories


Cover of Multispecies Cities anthology

The Birdsong Fossil
Multispecies Cities
World Weaver Press

Aurealis Award Shortlisted for Best Science Fiction Novella

In the midst of the Earth's sixth mass extinction, hundreds of species are lost every year. As scientists scramble to preserve the DNA of vanishing species, bio-roboticist Yuzuki Alvarez is determined to preserve the rich and complex culture of animals. Pushing the boundaries of the possible, she races to recreate their minds - their souls - in robotic form. But as the maelstrom of the Anthropocene intensifies, time is running out.

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Cover of Under the Full Moon's Light

The Moon Collector
Under the Full Moon's Light
Owl Hollow Press

Aurealis Award Shortlisted for Best Young Adult Short Story

When the moon is mysteriously snatched from the sky, outcast warrior Ora must venture beyond the stars, to the realm of the forgotten gods, to retrieve her world's stolen moon.

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Cover Mother of Invention

Junkyard Kraken
Mother of Invention
Twelfth Planet Press

Ditmar Award Shortlisted for Best Short Story

In the twilight abyss of the ocean, wondrous discoveries await, or so believes roboticist Nemi Okiro. However, when her research on autonomous, deep-sea submersibles is again rejected for funding, she is determined to find another way to explore the beckoning seas.

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Cover of Glass and Gardens

The Spider and the Stars
Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Summers
World Weaver Press

Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award Shortlisted for Short Fiction

One summer’s eve, a spellbinding tale of stargazing spiders ensnares the heart of 5-year-old Del, setting her on a path that will weave together the worlds of entomology, biomimetics, and humanity’s dreams of distant galaxies.

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Ecopunk Cover

The Wandering Library
Ticonderoga Publications

Aurealis Award Shortlisted
for Best Science Fiction Novella

In a future of risen seas and fractured communications, Lani Bashir runs a much needed mobile library service. From sprawling red deserts to cities reclaimed by the sea, Lani and her faithful alpacamel bring tales of adventure and wonder to the children of these isolated communities. However, when Lani crosses paths with an enigmatic boy with an aversion to stories, she is forced to question her own understanding of friendship, purpose and home.

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In Memory New Cover

In Memory Cover

The Heart of the Labyrinth
In Memory: A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett

Aurealis Award Shortlisted
for Best YA Short Story

In the heart of the Labyrinth of Varissen, there dwells a beast known only as the Devourer. However, the Devourer is sick of eating adventurers, and he suspects that once, long ago, he bore another name. So when a young woman arrives, declaring that she’s here to rescue him, the Devourer persuades her to join him on a search for his forgotten past.

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Year's Best 2015 Cover

Insert Title Here Cover

Almost Days

Year's Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2015
Ticonderoga Publications

Insert Title Here
FableCroft Publishing

Aurealis Award Shortlisted
for Best Fantasy Short Story

In the unseen realm enfolding the world, timeless custodians maintain order and balance. However, when one custodian unexpectedly "retires", this triggers a chain of events that threatens the separation between the worlds.

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Holiday Magick Cover


Autumn Moon
Holiday Magick
Spencer Hill Press

Tess is languishing in her job as a copy shop assistant, when a curious encounter involving a moonlit bridge, a rice dumpling, and a minor god, nudges her life in a fresh new direction.

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The Other Tree Cover

Focus 2013 cover

Morning Star

One Small Step: An Anthology of Discoveries
FableCroft Publishing

Focus 2013: highlights of Australian short fiction
FableCroft Publishing

Aurealis Award Shortlisted
for Best Young Adult Short Story

Washington Science Fiction Association
Small Press Award Shortlisted

When humanity is decimated by an enigmatic, chronogenetic pathology, cargo pilot Ven is entrusted with the last human in the universe – a boy called Solomon.

Chasing rumours of other survivors, Ven and Solomon begin an impossible journey across the constellations, searching for answers, and a new home.

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JUE 2-5 Cover


Goodbye Beetle
The Journal of Unlikely Entomology 2.5

When Ryan's girlfriend leaves him without so much as a goodbye, he becomes obsessed with decoding the only clue she left behind: a Christmas beetle on the windowsill.

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Midnight Movie Creature Feature


Keeping It Together
Midnight Movie: Creature Feature
May December Publications

No one aspires to be the pizza delivery guy. It’s a summer job, or something neurosurgeons do after fleeing their war torn country. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a bandit monk when I grew up. But that was a long time ago.

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The Obsolete Soul Cover


The Obsolete Soul

Mark's career at the advisory office is at a standstill, his relationship with girlfriend Ella is quietly capsizing, and he's beginning to discover strange blanks in his memory.

Plus his goldfish are missing.

As Mark's increasingly frequent episodes of amnesia begin to take on a life of their own, he finds himself battling the threat of an unexpected leap in human evolution.

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Reading List



Squid's Grief (self-published, 2016)

Hunt for Valamon (Spencer Hill Press, 2015)

The Other Tree (Spencer Hill Press, 2014)


Short Stories

The Birdsong Fossil (Multispecies Cities, World Weaver Press, 2021)

The Moon Collector (Under the Full Moon's Light, Owl Hollow Press, 2018)

Junkyard Kraken (Mother of Invention, Twelfth Planet Press, 2018)

The Spider and the Stars (Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Summers, World Weaver Press, 2018)

The Wandering Library (Ecopunk!, Ticonderoga Publications, 2017)

The Heart of the Labyrinth (In Memory: A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett, 2015)

Almost Days (Insert Title Here, Fablecroft Publishing, 2015)

Autumn Moon (Holiday Magick, Spencer Hills Press, 2013)

Morning Star (One Small Step, Fabecroft Publishing, 2013)

Goodbye Beetle (The Journal of Unlikely Entomology 2.5, 2012)

Keeping It Together (Midnight Movie Creature Feature, May December Publications, 2011)

The Obsolete Soul (self-published, 2011)