Articles & Interviews


28 June 2020
Interview for the 2020 Australian Speculative Fiction Snapshot - Bushfires, Solarpunk Stories, and Vanishing Numbats

13 June 2018
Guest post for World Weaver Press - Stargazing Spiders and Cicada Wings: The Potential for Biomimetics

22 Sept 2017
Interview for Ecopunk! anthology - Airships, Activism, Camel Libraries, Biblioburros and 'The Wandering Library'

1 Aug 2016
Interview for the 2016 Australian Speculative Fiction Snapshot - Stylised Noir, Singing Bones, and the Legacy of Sir Terry Pratchett

10 April 2016
Interview on What Are They - Amnesia, Diversity and Authenticity

9 March 2016
Guest post on SF Signal - Cities of Smoke and Light: The Appeal of Marvellous Metropolises

14 November 2015
Interview in Ellipsis Magazine - Shaun Tan, Sir Terry Pratchett and Playing with Reality

27 April 2015
Guest post on KellyVision - A Little Less Blood, A Little More Conversation: The Diplomatic Action-Hero

15 April 2015
Guest post on Ebon Shores - We Are An Ocean: Bibliodiversity and Community

14 April 2015
Guest post on SF Signal - Leave Your Sword at the Door: Heroic Healers in Fantasy

13 April 2015
Guest post on The BiblioSanctum - The Voyages That Shape Us: The Allure of Fantasy Worlds

12 April 2015
Interview on What Are They - Pin Collectors, Unconventional Characters and Sandwiches

10 April 2015
Guest post on To Read, Or Not To Read - What Makes a Good Hero?

9 April 2015
Interview on Darby Karchut: Writing Uphill - Character Arcs, The Blue Mountains and Tea

24 March 2015
Interview on Nathan Burrage's website - The Writing Process, Terrariums and HK Serials

13 March 2015
Interview on Smash Dragons - Hunt for Valamon, Roald Dahl, and Australian speculative fiction

25 November 2014
Interview on KellyVision - Hunt for Valamon, Dungeons & Dragons, Healers, and To Kill a Mockingbird

2 August 2014
Interview for the 2014 Snapshot on Stephanie Gunn's website - Inspirational Scientists, Androids, Diversity in Publishing

10 July 2014
Interview on Pandora's Books - Eden, Loki and Terry Pratchett

9 July 2014
Interview on Dannie Morin's blog, Left to Write - Scientist Heroes, Cephalopods and Indiana Jones

7 July 2014
Interview on Because Reading is Better Than Real Life - Superpowers, EMPs and Megafauna

12 Feb 2014
Interview on The Cover Contessa - The Other Tree and other projects

31 Jan 2014
Guest post on SF Signal - On Endings, and What Comes After

28 Jan 2014
Guest Post on Steph Bowe's Blog - On Following Your Passions and Finding Your Posse

15 Aug 2013
Guest Post on SF Signal - Barefoot Gods and Slacker Zombies: Why It’s Okay To Be Quirky

24 May 2013
Interview on The Writer's Voice - The Other Tree and Holiday Magick

22 Jun 2012
Group Interview on Cooking the Books - Part 3

20 Jun 2012
Group Interview on Cooking the Books - Part 2

18 Jun 2012
Group Interview on Cooking the Books - Part 1